About us

Designed in a disease agnostic manner by Dr Majid Akram who is a General Practitioner with an interest in Digital Health, and Cardiovascular Lead for Lincs CCG. Deep Medicine is a digital health tech company that has developed vMDT as a product that allows health systems to integrate across the primary and secondary care interface, and promises to transform the pathways used to manage chronic disease patients’. Providing a platform for scheduling MDT meetings that connect professionals, allowing them to build holistic management plans tailored to each patients’ individual needs. The built in action management will direct tasks to those that are assigned a particular action relating to the patients’ management plan. An inbuilt patient portal is also used to communicate with patients’ and build management plans shaped around their wishes.

Problem Statement

There are 400 million outpatient and GP appointments conducted within the NHS on an annual basis, as stated in the NHS long term plan published in January 2019. This comes with the aspiration of converting a third of these to virtual encounters. We believe that virtual MDT encounters could help reduce the following issues facing NHS patients.

  • Reduction in unwarranted variation in clinical outcomes
  • Unacceptable wait timelines for specialist advice.

The team-based approach to patient care is the best approach for the future, and vMDT can assist in realising this.


Deep Medicine Ltd has taken a visionary approach to managing chronic disease patients’ by enabling the clinical team to work collaboratively to ensure the right care plan is made quickly. Attention has been given to the finer details relating to patient pathways to ensure that effective communication and coordination of actions can deliver better health outcomes. This is not just a digitized version of the routine specialist care processes.


the elements that did not add value to patient outcomes.


the process for creating and processing referrals.


a model that is easier to navigate by clinicians and the patient.


the multi-professional input and processes by removing the administrative burden to make it frictionless.

Our Features

vMDT platform links clinicians, allowing them to function as an integrated multi-profesional team, with a patient facing portal enabling the patient to shape the treatment goals.

Seamless referral process using standardized templates and Snomed coding. Ready for interoperability with existing NHS systems.

Platform linking clinicians and accessible to the patient to input data and shape treatment goals.

Clincians and patients’ able to access specialist advice in a speedier manner.

Empowering patients’ to shape their treatment goals and update their current symptoms.

Decision support is inbuilt to maintain productivity and assures quality and safety.

Integrates the multi-professional team so that they can collectively agree on the best treatment plan for each patient.


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