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Linking Health Care Teams To Communicate & Coordinate

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Digital Platform

Re-imagine outpatient care through our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Digital Platform. Linking health professionals and allowing them to provide expert clinical advice in a virtual professional environment. Speeding up clinical decisions and treatment advice for GPs and their patients

vMDT Process

  • GP refers patient for specialist advice to MDT:

    Our Virtual MDT platform allows a community health professional such as a GP to refer a patient to a virtual MDT process when they want specialist advice to optimise treatment plans, for the case to be discussed within a specialist team within days.

  • Scheduling of case

    The case is scheduled with key stakeholders involved in that patients' chronic illness. As an example, this might be a GP with special interest, Hospital specialist, Community specialist nurse, and a care coordinator (social care).The professionals can meet remotely on our platform which ensures that the service can be delivered within a cost-effective manner.

  • Patient shapes the goals

    he patient is contacted within 48 hours of the MDT discussion so they can share their treatment goals, and the system can symptom score them. This allows the MDT discussion to understand the patients' wishes and to have realistic symptom related data from the patient, so accurate treatment decisions can be made.

  • Decision support to standardise care and to follow evidence base guidance

    Machine learning capabilities provide decision support tools to alert the MDT members about safety and quality aspects that they should be considering. The integrated techniques are personalised to local care systems to plan and optimise care for individual patients'.

  • Clear Summary

    The MDT team will review the submitted case and formulate a summarised discussion.

  • Rapid communication of key actions to individuals involved in patient care

    The case is instantly communicated back to those responsible for fulfilling that action. This is a significant shift from the administrative hassles of today! An example might be a request to the GP to conduct and blood test and to start a medication, or a request to the community nurse to review the patient at a later date. This speeds up the process of accessing specialist expertise for patients'.

  • Keeping the patient updated

    The MDT team can leave advice for the patient in the patient portal section of the platform. This might be a simple note to state that a new drug is being considered and the patient might wish to read a leaflet in advance of this being started. This will assist with shared care decisions being made in an informed manner.

  • Information sharing

    A summary of the entire discussion is sent to the GP record for storage.

  • integration care accross organisations and specialities

    If the same patient needs to be referred back to the MDT for this condition, then the platform would link the new and previous episode(s).

  • Disease Agnostic

    The same platform provides templates for other chronic conditions with information linking across the speciality specific templates.

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Disease agnostic clinical platform, ready for tomorrow's best practice
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